Web Design

JoshuaD.net – This is my little rebellion against facebook and social networks. I remember the dream of a decentralized internet and love it. I know it doesn’t work that way anymore, but that’s OK. It still can work that way for me and like-minded people.

Dhamma Dharā – I built this project in conjunction with a few other webmasters and input from other meditators. I’m really happy with its design and feel.

Hypnos Music Player – I don’t even know if this counts as web design right now, but it’s a page I made one night just before a release and it does its job.

Accidental Seabirds – I designed this in a joint effort with Jesse Lee, the singer/songwriter from the band. I like what where we ended here. The primary background image is a photo taken of an art installment of Ibrahim Ahmed, an egyptian-based artist.

Jester Blocks – A very simple custom wordpress theme.

The Law Office of Richard Meinders – This is one of my earlier designs. I’m still happy with it. It is a pretty simple design that gets the job done.