Teahouse Fox – Home Again

October 26, 2014

Teahouse Fox was an iGoogle theme that showed us the idyllic life of a Fox.  He fed ducks, ate lunch, and he lit paper lamps at night. His simple joy, nestled in the background of a news feed, made my days a little brighter.

The Teahouse Fox diligently rinsing laundry.

The Teahouse Fox diligently rinsing laundry.

But then, in 2013, iGoogle was discontinued and the Teahouse Fox no longer had a home.

I imagine he has since been wandering the wastelands of the internet, seeking shelter and a return to his rustic peace, somehow maintaining his serene countenance despite the horrors he faced out in those wild dark places.

Homeless and wandering, until now.

Today his home has been reclaimed and reconstructed, painstakingly transported (grassblade by grassblade) onto my laptop’s wallpaper, thanks to the magic of bash, GNOME, and cron.

If you’d like to give the Teahouse Fox a home on your *nix machine too, you can get this simple script from my Git-Hub Repository.  Feel free to fork, send a pull request with improvements, or simply clone it and use it on your own machine.

If you have any trouble making this script work, feel free to post here and I’ll see if I can help.

3:14am - Ghostly Visitors come for Food

3:14am – Ghostly Visitors come for Food

Update 2017/08/06 – Made to work with XFCE as well. Stubs in place for handful of other DWM. Pull requests welcome!


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