DND 3.5 – Additional Skill Rules Compiled

May 9, 2011


There are a lot of skill uses spread out in the dnd 3.5 splat books. I haven’t found a complete list online, so I thought I’d make one for everyone to use.

I went through all of the expansion books I own and listed them below. I haven’t yet worked through the campaign setting books or any of the adventures, and I’m sure there’s more stuff in there. As I find it, I’ll update the table.

In the meantime, if you’re aware of anything out there that is “official”, send me the info and I’ll include it below!

Note on 3.0 Material

I have included the 3.0 material in the list below, but you should be aware that not all DMs allow 3.0 material.

Compiled List of Additional Skills

Skill Source Book Page Description
Alchemy Ghostwalk 27 New Alchemial Items
Appraise Rules Comendium 12 Expanded rules
Balance Complete Adventurer 97 Use Balance (at -10) in place of dex or str vs trip attacks
Balance Complete Adventurer 97 Run across narrow surface, -20
Balance Races of the Wild 145 Move Through Trees (along branch or horizontal trunks)
Balance Races of the Wild 146 Move along an unstable surface
Balance Stormwrack 83 Balance on boats
Bluff Drow of the Underdark 45 Deliver a secret message using drow sign language
Bluff Evil Handbook 56 Play Dead: Pretend to be dead in combat
Bluff Races of Stone 130 Heckle; make someone else’s perform worse
Bluff Rules Comendium 66 Expanded rules, secret messages, heckling
Climb Complete Adventurer 97 Climb at full speed, -20
Climb Complete Adventurer 97 Retain dex bonus while climbing, -20
Climb Dungeonscape 47 Climbing Squad: Aid others in climbing
Climb Ghostwalk 27 Gain bonuses when ectoplasm on hands
Climb Races of Stone 130 Repel down a wall
Climb Races of the Wild 146 Climb rules for forest canopy
Climb Stormwrack 84 Climb boat rigging
Concentration Races of Stone 130 Resist heckling
Concentration Rules Comendium 33 Expanded rules
Craf Complete Adventurer 97 Appraise Quickly
Craft Complete Adventurer 97 Quick Creation (+10 to DC)
Craft Evil Handbook 56 Craft Shoddy goods: get more gold for sales
Craft Ghostwalk 27 Make a body out of wood and metal for a ghost to inhabit
Craft Heroes of Battle 94 Handle Siege Engines
Craft Races of Stone 131 Create poems and music
Craft Races of the Dragon 97 Some new Alchemy items
Craft Stormwrack 84 Craft simple boats
Craft (Alchemy) Eberon Campaign Setting 46 Additional substances; repair warforged
Craft (Poisonmaking) Complete Adventurer 97 Long table, lots of poisons, lots of info
Craft (Poisonmaking) Drow of the Underdark 45 Make some poisons
Decipher Script Complete Adventurer 98 Create private cipher for documents
Decipher Script Races of Destiny 147 Create a secret code for text
Decipher Script Rules Comendium 78 Expanded rules
Diplomacy Complete Adventurer 98 Haggle over prices
Diplomacy Complete Adventurer 98 Mediate a disagreement between two other people
Diplomacy Heroes of Battle 94 Bonuses to Rally Checks
Diplomacy Rules Comendium 66 Expanded rules
Disable Device Complete Adventurer 99 Add a “bypass element” to a trap for speedy bypass later
Disable Device Complete Adventurer 99 Quickly Disable a device (full round, +20 DC)
Disable Device Heroes of Battle 94 Sabotage Siege Engines
Disable Device Rules Comendium 44 Expanded rules
Disguise Ghostwalk 27 A ghost disguise itself as a living person; living person disguise as ghost
Disguise Heroes of Battle 94 Make a group appear to be corposes
Disguise Races of Destiny 147 Change the appearance of an object
Disguise Rules Comendium 67 Expanded rules
Disguise Eberon Campaign Setting 46 Impersonate a dragonmark
Escape Artist Complete Adventurer 100 Quick Escape from bindings. (+10 DC, 5 rounds, or faster depending)
Escape Artist Ghostwalk 27 Gain bonuses when covered in ectoplasm
Escape Artist Rules Comendium 50 Expanded rules
Forgery Complete Adventurer 100 Use Forgery to give +2 to Diplomacy or Bluff
Forgery Rules Comendium 78 Expanded rules
Forgery Stormwrack 84 Examples of uses for forgery
Forgery Eberon Campaign Setting 46 Forge an arcane mark
Gather Information Evil Handbook 57 Make criminal contacts (thug, fence, assassins)
Gather Information Heroes of Battle 94 Gain strategic advantage in a large battle
Gather Information Races of Destiny 148 Learn overview of a command structure of an organization
Gather Information Rules Comendium 67 Expanded rules
Handle Animal Complete Adventurer 100 Teach an animal a trick (more tricks)
Handle Animal Complete Adventurer 101 Train an animal for a purpose
Handle Animal Drow of the Underdark 46 If you have the Vermin trainer feat, program vermin to act
Handle Animal Heroes of Battle 94 Teach animal to work as part of a team
Handle Animal Masters of the Wild 18 New Tricks
Handle Animal Races of Stone 131 Get new uses for tricks; some new tricks available
Handle Animal Races of the Dragon 97 Train, handle, and rear draconic animals
Handle Animal Races of the Wild 146 new Tricks
Handle Animal Stormwrack 84 More Tricks
Handle Animal / Animal Empathy Ghostwalk 27 -4 to deal with ghost animals
Heal Complete Adventurer 101 Determine what killed a dead creature
Heal Ghostwalk 27 -2 when healing ghosts
Heal Heroes of Battle 94 A few new uses
Hide Complete Adventurer 101 Blend into a crowd
Hide Complete Adventurer 101 Move between cover
Hide Complete Adventurer 102 Tail someone
Hide Ghostwalk 27 Ghosts get +4 to hide
Hide Heroes of Battle 95 Describe Comflauge Netting
Hide Masters of the Wild 19 Tail Someone
Hide Song and Silence 36 Tail Someone, Sneak up on Someone, Blend into Crowd, Sniping, Hiding while invisible
Intimidate Heroes of Battle 95 Boss around lower raning soldiers
Intimidate Rules Comendium 68 Expanded rules
Intimidate Tome of Battle 27 Duel of Wills: Give someone -2 to initiative and -1 on rolls against you
Intuit Direction Ghostwalk 27 Ghost can intuit direction to her physical body
Jump Stormwrack 85 Jumping in water, jumping out of water
Knowledge Heroes of Battle 95 Misc uses
Knowledge (Arcana) Book of Eldritch Might Vol 1 30 Identify potions and scrolls
Knowledge (Arcana) Magic of Incarnum 33 Know stuff about the mysteries of incarnum
Knowledge (Arcana) Tome and Blood 20 Recognize Magical Phenomena
Knowledge (Architecture & Engineering) Complete Warrior 122 DC 20: reveal weak aspect of a building you can see well
Knowledge (Architecture & Engineering) Stormwrack 85 Know stuff about building ships
Knowledge (Geography) Stormwrack 86 Navigation on a ship
Knowledge (ghost lore) Ghostwalk    
Knowledge (History) Complete Warrior 122 DC 15: Know how an army organizes itself
Knowledge (History) Complete Warrior 122 DC 20: Know about an historical battle at current location
Knowledge (humanoid culture) Evil Handbook 57 Know stuff about a particular race when you run into a tribe for the first time
Knowledge (Local) Complete Warrior 122 DC 10: Identify military unit by heraldy, local area only
Knowledge (Local) Tome of Battle 28 Answer questions about martial practitioners and traditions
Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty) Complete Warrior 122 DC 10: Identify military unit by heraldy & other details, distant area only
Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty) Races of Destiny 148 Discover the levels of bureaucracy within a royal household
Knowledge (Religion) Races of Destiny 149 Understand the structure of a church, cult, or religion sect
Knowledge (the planes) Magic of Incarnum 33 Know stuff about the mysteries of incarnum
Listen Races of Destiny 149 Clarify overheard conversation
Listen Races of Stone 132 Determine distance of individuals underground
Listen Rules Comendium 114 Expanded rules
Listen Stormwrack 87 Listening on Water
Misc Dungeon Master’s Guide 33 Some guidelines for using skills in place of others
Misc Unearthed Arcana 82 Lots of stuff about different things; Complex skill use
Misc Forge of War 130 Teamwork Benefits: skill and feat requirements
Move Silently Ghostwalk 27 +2 when you have ectoplasm on your feet. DC 10 balance for fast movement
Open Lock Complete Adventurer 102 Quick (+20 DC, as move action)
Open Lock Rules Comendium 44 Expanded rules
Perform (Weaon Drill) Complete Warrior 121 Do flashy stuff with your weapon, no defined use+
Profession Heroes of Battle 95 Aim an indirect-fire catapult
Profession Races of the Dragon 97 Mining
Profession (Sailor) Stormwrack 87 Profession (sailor) and related checks
Ride Races of Stone 132 Rules for mounts underground
Ride Rules Comendium 88 Expanded Rules; Mounted Combat
Ride Stormwrack 88 Aquatic Mounts, swimming a horse
Search Rules Comendium 114 Expanded rules
Search Team Dungeonscape 47 Search as a team with some time-saving benefit
Sense Motive Complete Adventurer 102 Assess Opponent’s strength
Sense Motive Oriental Adventures 58 Apprais other guy’s abilities in an iaijutsu duel
Sense Motive Rules Comendium 68 Expanded rules
Sleight of Hand Complete Warrior 122 Make an opponent flat-footed, but requires dagger and quickdraw feat
Sleight of Hand Races of Stone 133 Make verbal and somatic components of spellcasting less obtrusive
Sleight of Hand Rules Comendium 117 Expanded rules
Sleight of Hand (Pick Pocket) Song and Silence 37 Hide Weapon
Speak Language Drow of the Underdark 46 New Language: Drow Sign Language & Script
Speak Language Drow of the Underdark 46 Fluency in Drow Sign Langauge gives +2 bonus to Spellcraft to ID spell being cast
Speak Language Heroes of Battle 95 New Language: battle signals
Speak Language Eberon Campaign Setting 46 Additional languages
Speak Languages Ghostwalk 28 New Languages: Heshar, Pek, Salak
Speak Languages Oriental Adventures 58 More languages for an oriental setting
Speak Languages Rules Comendium 78 Expanded rules
Spellcraft Drow of the Underdark 46 DC 15: Must know drow sign language; use dancing lights to communicate over distance
Spellcraft Magic of Incarnum 34 Identify a shaped soul meld
Spellcraft Races of Stone 133 Use Read Magic to identify the effects of a rune circle
Spellcraft Rules Comendium 138 Expanded rules
Spellcraft Tome and Blood 19 Expanded Explanation
Spellcraft Eberon Campaign Setting 47 Identify dragonmarks and the spell-like abilities carrying it.
Spot Ghostwalk 28 DC 5: recognize a ghost
Spot Heroes of Battle 96 Count troops, locate commander, locate artillery
Spot Rules Comendium 114 Expanded rules
Spot Stormwrack 89 See things on the ocean
Survival Complete Adventurer 103 Trailblazing – Move faster in poor conditions
Survival Races of Destiny 149 Keep safe and fed in an urban setting at no cost
Survival Races of Stone 133 Some underground rules
Survival Races of the Wild 147 Create trail signs for people following you (hidden messages)
Survival Races of the Wild 147 Find / read trail signs left by another
Survival Stormwrack 89 Survive on sea without provisions
Swim Complete Adventurer 103 Accelerated Swimming
Swim Stormwrack 90 Deep Diving
Tumble Complete Adventurer 103 Free Stand
Tumble Complete Adventurer 103 Ignore Falling Damage
Tumble Complete Adventurer 103 Sprinting Tumble
Tumble Oriental Adventures 58 Extreme uses (DC 30+)
Tumble Oriental Adventures 58 Additional bonus to AC when fighting defensively
Tumble Rules Comendium 94 Expanded rules
Tumble Song and Silence 37 Variant Checks
Use Rope Complete Adventurer 103 Quick Knot-Tying
Use Rope Rules Comendium 50 Expanded rules
Wilderness Lore Ghostwalk 28 -5 when tracking ghosts


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