Hypnos Music Player – Beta 5

December 5, 2018

Download: http://hypnosplayer.org/

Full Release Notes: http://hypnosplayer.org/download/beta5/release-notes.htm

New Features
* System Tray support on both Linux and Windows.
* Improved Hotkeys for both Windows and Linux.
* Artist view for Library.
* Allow each playlist to specify its own shuffle / repeat setting.
* Library Loader status bar in Music Search Locations window.
* Improved buttons at bottom of library pane.
* “Search for Artwork” menu options on image panes – opens web browser at ddg image search.
* Standardized layout of popup info windows.

I’m happy with this release. I’m slowly improve stability, features, and the user interface. I still have a ways to go until version 1, but this is a good release.


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