Clover Cube Tutorial

About the Clover Cube

The Clover Cube is a 3-dimensional rotation puzzle. It’s similar to the Rubik’s Cube, but has a completely unique solution.

The one I own is produced by the company LanLan under the name “Four-Leaf-Clover Magic Cube.”

Maria got me this puzzle for my 32nd birthday. Sometimes I’m basically a big kid; I was so excited to have a new toy to play with.

If you already know how to solve a rubik’s cube, you’ll notice that my solution (and the layout of this tutorial) is similar in approach to the Petrus Method. Thanks to Lars for teaching me how to solve a rubik’s cube so many years ago.

Also, if you already know how to solve a rubik’s cube, I think you should try to figure out how to solve puzzle this yourself. It’s definitely something you’ll be able to do with a little work, and it’s much more rewarding than following a tutorial.

This is the solution to the puzzle that I initially developed over the period of two weeks. I will continue to hone this tutorial as I find new and interesting tools, but there’s more than enough information here to solve every problem you might run into.

This tutorial requires a modern browser and javascript enabled. It uses WebGL (via three.js) to render the cubes, so an old browser probably won’t work. I know that facebook’s mobile browser doesn’t currently work (as of March 2016) and some IOS browsers don’t work.


We are currently on version 1.0 of this tutorial, updated on 3/17/2016.


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